Vinyl Acrylic is a high quality exterior flat latex paint that produces a one-coat finish on most repaint work. Due to its excellent hide and film build, fewer coats are needed over new or unpainted surfaces. Vinyl Acrylic is easily applied and provides an ordinary life expectancy of five years. Latex House and Trim is a quality latex semi-gloss for exterior surfaces.
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1250 N/A Vinyl Acrylic Exterior Flat Latex House Paint N/A Velvet-flat white finish. N/A Rutile titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, mica, and zinc oxide. N/A 51.5 N/A 34.3 N/A 0.37 lb/gal (44 g/l) with water; 0.95 lb/gal (114 g/l) without water.
1201 N/A Latex House and Trim Exterior Semi-Gloss Latex House Paint N/A Semi-gloss white film. N/A Rutile titanium dioxide. N/A 51.5 N/A 37.4 N/A 0.80 lb/gal (96 g/l) with water; 1.70 lb/gal (204 g/l) without water.
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