Latex House and Trim is a high quality exterior semi-gloss latex paint that produces a one coat finish on most repaint work. Due to its excellent hide and film build, fewer coats are needed over new or unpainted surfaces. Latex House and Trim is easily applied and provides an ordinary life expectancy of five years.
Unit of Measure


N/A Quality, Weather Resistant Finish
Blister and Mildew Resistant
Available in Many Colors

Surface Preparation

N/A Remove all dirt, grease, and loose, peeling paint. Sand previously painted surfaces for best adhesion. For best results, prime with the appropriate Warren primer. Use Insured Oil House Primer to prime wood and surfaces previously painted with oil-based enamel. Super Block Filler is best for unpainted concrete block and rough concrete. Use a Metalcoat primer over steel or aluminum. Allow adequate dry time before finishing with Latex House and Trim. Self-priming is possible over concrete, brick, and concrete block.

Mixing and Thinning

N/A Stir or shake well. Thin sparingly with water to spray. Do not over-thin.


N/A Brush, roll, spray. Thin as directed. Apply between 50 and 90ºF with the relative humidity less than 80%. Cover objects in the vicinity of painting to avoid paint drips or spatters.

Dry Time

N/A One hour to touch. Two hours to handle. 24 hours hard

Recoat Time

N/A After eight hours.


N/A Semi-gloss white film.


N/A Rutile titanium dioxide.


N/A Vinyl acrylic copolymer emulsion.

% Solids by Weight

N/A 51.5

% Solids by Volume

N/A 37.4


N/A 400 square feet per gallon at 1.5 mils DFT (100% transfer and zero profile). Realistically 75-150 square feet per gallon over extremely rough surfaces. Approximately 400 square feet per gallon is possible over previously primed or painted smooth surfaces.


N/A 0.80 lb/gal (96 g/l) with water; 1.70 lb/gal (204 g/l) without water.

Cured Film Properties

N/A Tough, flexible film with good dirt pick up resistance and good exterior durability.

Standard Packaging

N/A One gallon cans. Fives and drums are available by special order.