Satin Walco is the premium flat latex wall paint of the Warren product line. It is ready to use after stirring, flows on smoothly, and dries to a velvet-flat finish that dries to touch in less than one hour. It's washable and scrubbable after 30 days, and has very low odor. Satin Enamatex dries to a semi-gloss and is ideal for trim and cabinets.
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1301 N/A Satin Walco Interior Flat Latex Wall Paint N/A Velvet-flat white finish. N/A Rutile titanium dioxide, aluminum and magnesium silicate, and calcium carbonate. N/A 53.7 N/A 33.8 N/A 0.25 lb/gal (31 g/l) with water; 0.69 lb/gal (83 g/l) without water.
1603 N/A Satin Enamatex Latex Semi-gloss Enamel N/A Rich semi-gloss white film. N/A Rutile titanium dioxide. N/A 48.5 N/A 35.3 N/A 0.72 lb/gal (86 g/l) with water; 1.65 lb/gal (197 g/l) without water.
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