VOC Compliant Red Iron Oxide Primer is designed to provide good adhesion to a variety of surfaces. The low V.O.C. of this coating and high performance in the field make this product an excellent choice for the demanding fabricator, manufacturer, or maintenance person. Red Iron Oxide Primer may be recoated with any of Warren's single component enamels, whether solvent or waterborne. When ordering, specify "high-build" if applying over 3 mils DFT. Also available in gray, black, and white by special order.
Unit of Measure


N/A Excellent Adhesion Over a Variety of Surfaces
Fast dry
Rust inhibitive

Surface Preparation

N/A Remove all dirt, scale, and grease. Commercial blast, sand, or wire brush for best results.

Mixing and Thinning

N/A Stir or shake well. Thin up to 15% with S 4, Odorless mineral Spirits or S 3, VMP&P Naphtha to spray. Ideal conventional spraying viscosity is 20-60" #2 Zahn depending on equipment. Spray unthinned when using airless equipment. Do not over-thin.


N/A Brush, roll, spray. Thin as directed for conventional or H.V.L.P. spray. Airless and conventional are preferred spray methods. Apply between 50 and 95ºF with the relative humidity less than 80%. Do not expose to dew or rain within one hour after painting. Humidity can exceed 80% and dry times can be shortened if heat (no more than 250ºF) is applied after application.

Dry Time

N/A 20-30 minutes to touch. 8-10 hours hard

Recoat Time

N/A Before two hours or after 24 hours with an approved Warren enamel.


N/A Flat reddish brown film.


N/A Magnesium silicate, red iron oxide, and zinc chromate.


N/A Long oil alkyd reduced with mineral spirits.

% Solids by Weight

N/A 62.82

% Solids by Volume

N/A 41.0


N/A 438 square feet per gallon at 1.5 mils DFT (100% transfer and zero profile).


N/A 3.20 lb/gal

Cured Film Properties

N/A Tough, durable film with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance over steel and other substrates.

Standard Packaging

N/A Fifty-five gallon drums. Ones and fives are available by special order.