Warren's concrete sealers serve two purposes. On new concrete, they seal in moisture, boosting the overall strength of concrete, and reducing failures such as cracks and spalling. The oil and stain resistance of the coated surface is improved. When applied liberally or in two coats, this product imparts a rich glossy look to concrete and exposed aggregate. Pure acrylic composition means longer sealer life with less yellowing.

Warren's Pure Acrylic Sealer is easy to apply to properly prepared concrete and cementitious surfaces. Applied to old and new concrete alike, this product restores and enhances the beauty of aggregate concrete and protects concrete surfaces from oil, dirt, and weather. Available tints help hide defects and discoloration in concrete surfaces. Not recommended for use on brick, slate, stone, or concrete surfaces with sealer buildup. When applied to new concrete, it reduces moisture loss and maximizes concrete cure and strength. Non-aggregate surfaces may be darkened or become splotchy when sealed. Warren's Pure Acrylic Sealer is 100% acrylic and resists yellowing and weathering. It is the choice of the discriminating homeowner.
Unit of Measure


N/A Enhances Appearance of Aggregate Concrete
Improves New Concrete Strength Development
Designed for the Contractor or Do-it-yourself
Available in Clear and Transparent Colors
Pure Acrylic for Long Life
Reduces Oil and Dirt Penetration


N/A Clear, transparent brown, transparent grey.

Approximate Coverage

N/A Aggregate: 100 square feet per gallon at 4.1 mils DFT.
Broom finish: 200 square feet per gallon at 2.1 mils DFT.
Hard trowel finish: 300 square feet per gallon at 1.0 mils DFT.

Dry Time

N/A Four hours before foot traffic. Eight hours before rain or dew. 24 hours before heavy traffic.

Surface Preparation

N/A Pressure wash to remove oil and dirt. Use free-rinsing detergent (TSP) or degreaser to remove stubborn oil stains. Allow old and freshly poured surfaces to dry 24-48 hours before applying sealer. Best appearance is achieved when new concrete cures at least 30 days. Test for excess moisture by taping a 12" square piece of polyethylene or saran film to the surface. If condensation appears on the backside of the film, allow additional drying time. Do not apply to brick, stone, or surfaces with heavy sealer buildup.

Mixing and Thinning

N/A No mixing or thinning is required for clear sealer. Stir tinted sealer well to avoid splotchy coloration of sealed surfaces. To spray with low pressure sprayer add one pint per gallon of S 31, Xylene or S 40, High Flash Naphtha.


N/A Generously apply one coat with clean 3/4 to 1-1/4" nap roller (depending on surface texture). Work into surface evenly. Work wet onto wet avoiding rolling back onto sealer that has dried. Apply with surface and air between 50 and 90ºF and with the relative humidity less than 80%. If bubbling or blistering occurs, apply at cooler temperature. Do not expose to dew or rain within four hours. If white spots occur, re-roll with Warren’s Sealer Repair or other slow aromatic solvent.

Recoat Time

N/A Anytime. Recoat every two to three years for maximum beauty and protection.


N/A Clear or transparent glossy film. Porous surfaces may require two coats for full gloss. Cured film is tough and durable film with good adhesion to concrete and cementitious substrates. These sealers provide protection even after gloss is diminished. Warren's Pure Acrylic Sealer made with 100% acrylic resists yellowing and is more durable.


N/A Acrylic polymer dissolved in aromatic naphtha.

% Solids by Weight

N/A 30

Tolerance for % Solids by Weight

N/A ±1

% Solids by Volume

N/A 26

Tolerance for % Solids by Volume

N/A ±1


N/A 5.4 lb/gal (640 g/l)


N/A Wear gloves and goggles. Use in well ventilated area. Extinguish all lighters, pilot lights, and sources of ignition. See label for first aid and warnings. Sealed surfaces may be slippery.