Warren's 100% Solids Clear Epoxy is formulated to provide extreme resistance to water, alcohol, and other chemicals. It may be used in aggressive environments for long-term protection of steel and concrete. 100% Solids Clear Epoxy is well suited for decoupage on bar tops, table tops, or as a clear finish over other interior wood and concrete surfaces. It may be applied up to 1/4" per pour for a coating with tremendous "depth." 100% Solids Clear Epoxy should not be used as an exterior topcoat.
Unit of Measure


N/A Cures Crystal Clear
Cures Without Shrinkage
Excellent Chemical Resistance and Hardness

Surface Preparation

N/A Remove all dirt, scale, and grease. Remove wax and any other coatings. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Mixing and Thinning

N/A Mix two parts by volume of E15712 (part A) to one part of E15713 (part B) with gentle mechanical agitation for two minutes. Avoid entraining air into mixture.


N/A Mixture will exotherm within 15 minutes of mixing, producing intense heat and fumes if not quickly spread over the surface to be coated. Mix only what can be spread in 15 minutes! If exotherm occurs, vacate the area and provide copious ventilation. Part B and any mixture thereof is slightly corrosive. Wear gloves and goggles. Wash exposed skin with soap and water. Flush eye contamination with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.


N/A Apply by pouring, brushing, troweling, or by squeegee. Rolling may entrain air bubbles. Apply to a maximum thickness of 1/4" to avoid intense exotherm. Apply in multiple coats for thicker finishes. To release air bubbles, direct hot air onto the freshly applied coating, i.e. hair dryer. Full properties are developed within seven days. Apply between 60ºF and 90ºF and less than 80% relative humidity.

Dry Time

N/A Eight hours to touch. 24 hours for light foot traffic. Seven days for full resistance properties.

Recoat Time

N/A Recoat after eight hours, or as soon as tack free. After 48 hours, a light sanding with aluminum oxide, 400 grit sandpaper followed by a fresh water rinse is recommended before recoat.


N/A High gloss crystal clear film.


N/A Epoxy and cycloaliphatic amine.

% Solids by Weight

N/A 100

% Solids by Volume

N/A 100


N/A 13 square feet per gallon at 1/8" DFT; 320 square feet per gallon at 5 mils DFT


N/A 0.0 lb/gal as supplied

Cured Film Properties

N/A Excellent anticorrosive properties over steel. Very good water resistance within eight hours. Good resistance to solvents and chemicals within seven days. Not designed as an exterior finish coat.

Standard Packaging

N/A Three gallon kit.