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Item # HS 15736, Cameo White High Solids Enamel

Warren has several options available in the VOC-compliant solvent-borne alkyd line. From quick-dry to economical, there is a product that will take care of your coating needs. Various colors and electrostatic compatibility are available.

High Solids Cameo White Enamel is designed to provide excellent protection to properly prepared steel surfaces. The quick dry time and good corrosion resistance of this coating make it an excellent choice for the demanding transportation equipment manufacturer or industrial maintenance engineer. High Solids Cameo White Enamel cures quickly to a tough, chemical, and corrosion resistant finish and requires no primer in some cases. Similar products are available in other colors by special order.



Excellent Adhesion to Properly Prepared Steel
Quick Drying and Complete Coverage in One Coat
Good Abrasion, Corrosion, and Chemical Resistance

Surface Preparation

Remove all dirt, scale, grease, and moisture. Commercial blast, sand, or power brush for best results. Prime with a Warren Metalcoat primer for best results.

Mixing and Thinning

Stir or shake well. Mix 8 to 1 with V13707, Urethane Hardener for best sun and chemical resistance properties. Pot life is one hour. Thin up to 15% with S 31, Xylene Blend or one of the many other specially formulated Warren reducers to spray. S 7, Acetone may be used to thin and keep VOC below 3.5 lb/gl. Ideal conventional spraying viscosity is 20-60" #2 Zahn depending on equipment. Do not thin when using airless equipment. Thin with Warren's S 40, High Flash Naphtha to brush or roll or in very hot conditions. Do not over-thin.


Brush, roll, spray. Thin as directed for conventional or H.V.L.P. spray. Airless and conventional are preferred spray methods. Apply between 50 and 95ºF with the relative humidity less than 80%. Do not expose to dew or rain within one hour after painting. Humidity can exceed 80% and dry times can be shortened if heat (no more than 250ºF) is applied after application.

Dry Time

30 minutes to touch. One hour to handle. Eight hours hard.

Recoat Time

After four hours with an approved Warren enamel. See your Warren representative for others.


High gloss off-white film.


Titanium dioxide.


DCO/soya alkyd resin in an aromatic, acetate, ketone solvent blend.

% Solids by Weight


% Solids by Volume



403 square feet per gallon (mixed) at 2.1 mils DFT (100% transfer and zero profile).


3.02 lb/gal

Cured Film Properties

Tough, durable film with good adhesion and corrosion resistance over steel and other substrates.

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