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Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane Enamels

Warren's Polyurethane Gloss Varnish is formulated to withstand the mild chemical exposure and abrasion. Polyurethane Gloss Varnish is ideal for brush, roller, or spray application due to its moderate dry times. It fully cures overnight and is recommended for application to interior wood, concrete, and properly primmed steel surfaces. Polyurethane Gloss Varnish is available by special order in a wide range of colors and degrees of gloss, and provides good chemical and abrasion resistance.



High Gloss
Chemical and Abrasion Resistant
Ideal for Interior Wood, Metal, and Concrete

Surface Preparation

Remove all dirt, scale, grease, and wax. Prep uncoated wood surfaces with Warren's sanding sealer.

Mixing and Thinning

Stir or shake well. Thin up to 33% with S 46, Spraying Thinner; S 3, VM&P Naphtha; or another recommended thinner to spray. Use as supplied or thin sparingly with S 4, Deodorized Thinner to brush or roll. Do not over-thin.


Brush, roll, spray. Thin as directed for conventional or H.V.L.P. spray. Apply between 50 and 95ºF with the relative humidity less than 80%. Do not expose to dew or rain within eight hours after painting.

Dry Time

1-1/2 hours to touch. Eight hours to handle. Twenty-four hours hard.

Recoat Time

Before one hour and after eight hours.


High gloss mirror-like clear film.




Oil-modified Aromatic polyurethane reduced with mineral spirits.

% Solids by Weight


% Solids by Volume



418 square feet per gallon at 1.6 mils DFT (100% transfer and zero profile).


3.75 lb/gal

Cured Film Properties

Good water and chemical resistance within twenty-four hours. Good resistance to aliphatic solvents and many oils within seven days. Excellent abrasion resistance.

Standard Packaging

One gallon cans (packaged four per case). Fives and drums are available by special order

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